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Application to Open a Savings account with International Money Transfer Service


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※Applicants who are less than 6 months residing in Japan can not apply or open an account.
※Applicants with American citizenship are not allowed to apply.

Agreement・Points to note when applying for various services provided by Seven Bank

1.To apply for opening a Seven Bank Account, I agree to the respective provisions of the "Seven Bank Account Terms and Conditions," including the Bank's "International Money Transfer Service Terms and Conditions" and the Bank's privacy policy, and I consent that an Account will be opened if the Bank accepts and approves my application.
2.In entering into transactions with your bank, I hereby represent that I do not currently correspond to any of the persons listed in Article 21, Item (2) of the "Seven Bank Banking Terms and Conditions", including <1> a member of any organized crime group, <2> a person who was a member of an organized crime group at any time during the past five years, <3> an associate member of any organized crime group, <4> a member of any company related to any organized crime group, and <5> any corporate extortionist (sokaiya). I also assure you that I will not correspond to the same in the future. In addition, I assure you that I will not take, or allow a third party to take, any act such as (1) an act of making violent demands, (2) an act of making unreasonable demands against the Bank beyond the Bank's legal responsibility, (3) an act of using intimidation or violence in relation to transactions, and (4) an act of impairing the credibility of the Bank or interfering with your bank's business by disseminating rumors, using fraudulent means or using force.
3.I assure you that I will not sell or assign to others the account for which I am applying.
4.I fully understand and agree that, as a general rule, the Bank's services and transactions shall be in the Japanese language, and, although statements, explanations, etc. may be made in other languages for convenience and supplementary purposes, such statements, explanations, etc. will not cover the full Japanese text, and if there is any inconsistency in meaning or content between the Japanese version and the translation thereof into such other languages, the Japanese version shall prevail.
5.I agree that in accordance with the provisions in the "International Money Transfer Service Terms and Conditions": the Bank will acquire and use my nationality and country and place of birth; personal and other information provided to the Bank by me will be provided to and used by the Alliance Partners,the outsourcing contractor of the Alliance Partners, Payment Centers and the receiver's bank for making payment to receivers or otherwise supporting the Bank’s processing of Money Transfer Transactions or complying with laws and ordinances, or for data analysis for improving the Alliance Partner’s service; and such information will be mutually provided among these recipients of such information.
6.(For any applicant whose nationality is not Japanese) I confirm that at least six months have passed since I entered Japan.
7.The jurisdiction of my tax residence is in Japan only.
*For more detail, check here(a web site of National Tax Agency).
8.I acknowledge that all information I have submitted upon filing this application is true and free of errors. I agree to report any change to my country of residence within three months after the change occurs.
9.I agree to notify the Seven Bank Contact Center before filing this application if I fall within either of the following cases prescribed in the Act on Prevention of Transfer of Criminal Proceeds:
(1) I am or was a Head of State or an individual in a prominent position at a government, central bank or any other similar organization of a foreign country; or
(2) I am a member of the family of any person listed in (1) above.
*For more detail, check here.

■ Points to note when applying for the International Money Transfer Service
・We do not accept or execute money transfers of payments of import bills (the price for the purchase of goods or services) or payments for commercial purposes.
・We do not accept or execute any money transfer that is subject to any restrictions under the Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Act  whereby we are required to ensure or confirm the acquisition or filing of any permission, authorization, approval, notification, registration, etc. with the relevant authorities in advance.
・Once we accept a money transfer request, we do not handle any request from the customer to amend the content of the initial request.
・If any of the prescribed events occurs, we may terminate your International Money Transfer Service Agreement, suspend your use of the International Money Transfer Service, or deregister all or some of the receivers of your money transfers.

"Debit Card service"

Applicants must agree to various terms and conditions in the "Seven Bank Debit Card Service Terms and Conditions" in order to apply for Debit Card Service (Cash Card with Debit Card Service). The "Seven Bank Debit Card Service Terms and Conditions" includes the following for terms and conditions related specifically to the Debit Card Service: "Debit Card Service Terms and Conditions," "Consent on Handling of Personal Information for Debit Card Service," "Consignment Terms and Conditions for Debit Card Service Guarantee" and "MyJCB User Terms and Conditions (For Seven Bank)." It also includes the following for terms and conditions related specifically to the nanaco when applying for a Cash Card with Debit Card Service(w/ nanaco): "nanaco Card Member Agreement( For cards issued by alliance partners)," "Statement of Important Matters Related to the Handling of Personal Information," "nanaco Point Service Agreement (For cards issued by alliance partners)" and "Seven Bank Cash Card with Debit Card Service Agreement."

■ Points to note when applying for the Debit Card Service (cash card with debit card service)
・This service may not be available at some JCB merchants.
・The amount you spend at some JCB merchants with this card may be charged and withdrawn on a later day.
・Due to exchange rate fluctuations or other causes, there may be a delayed withdrawal or a refund of payment.
・A cash card with debit card service has a validity period (five years). When the expiry date is approaching, we will send you a new cash card with debit card service. Depending on the status of use of your debit card service, we may not issue a new cash card with debit card service but ask you to continue to use your current card as a cash card without debit card service (in this case, JCB debit service is not available).

■Other important notes
・Please be advised that all the documents that you have submitted will no longer be sent back.

Seven Bank Account Rules
Privacy Policy
Seven Bank Table of Interest Rate

1.私は、貴社の「海外送金サービス規定」を含む「セブン銀行口座規定集」 各規定及び「プライバシーポリシー」に同意します。

■ 海外送金サービス お申込みにあたってのご留意事項
・「 外国為替及び外国貿易法」により事前の許認可、承認、届出、登録等を要する等、送金に際し当社がその完了の確認を行うべき制限を課される送金は一切お取扱いしません。



■ デビットサービス (デビット付きキャッシュカード)お申込みにあたってのご留意事項